Friday, July 26, 2013

Welcome to Gill Gardens

You may remember I made a post or two with pictures of pieces of "fantasy real estate" in progress. These pieces were for an entry into a fairy garden contest. In fact, the contest had everything to do with why I made my own glue.

When you come into my sons room at first glance
it looks like a tranquil fantasy land.
Morning is a particularly beautiful time to view Gill Gardens.
The sun comes up on the backside of our house and its warm rays come through the widow, and garden inhabitants greet the day.
But there's more going on here than meets the eye.
You see there was an invasion of zombie gnomes.
Some homes were abandoned entirely.
The gnomes and fairies have had to join forces in order to protect the garden.

Note the hidden ninja gnomes hidden in the rocks of this pathway.
None shall pass.
Many area birds have set up nest amongst some pine cones after having lost their home trees.
The fairy queen has had her wings pulled off and is recovering at Flower General.
Some fun in the sun and sand is just what the doctors have prescribed.
Doctor Tomte is still close by the fairy queen, but hiding so that he too can help protect the land.
 A woodland gnome hides in the moss below so that she is not entirely without cover.
A gnome outpost has been set up just ahead of Flower General for ensured safety.

Cork walls may not seem like much to the giants outside of  the wood but they have proven very useful in times are dire as these.

The fantasy folk of Gill Gardens are resilient and determined not to let their recent tragedy interrupt their daily rhythms.
They still enjoy their nightly bonfire.

 New life is always just around the bend
and in some cases has recently joined the flock.
The root children are wide awake.
 The farmland is still lush and beautiful.
 Have you ever wondered what became of Audrey II (from Little Shop of Horrors) baby?
It settled here in our garden in search of a more peaceful existence.
 Where else could Audrey III

be neighbors and best friends with Totoro?
A blue bird of happiness can be seen
 next to little bear falls.
And below baby turtles frolic in the water as their mommy watches over them.
Thanks so much for visiting Gill Gardens and feel free to come back to visit our fantasy folk as often as you like.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Montessori Monday - Remaking The Play Kitchen

Obviously I'd love if our play kitchen weren't plastic but at the time one was given to my daughter none of the parties involved had considered or were aware of a wooden option.

I got rid of all of the plastic food, cups, plates, and silverware that had come with it. All of it was going into her mouth and she wanted to be able to eat and drink with her items.

I put a few prep bowls in one cupboard

and a scale in the other.

Gave new life to an espresso maker that was going unused.
Inside the oven is a knitted meat pie and next to the door is that heart-shaped oven mitt from a previous post.
Knitted foods can be found inside the refrigerator.

A "piping hot" cup of amigurumi hot cocoa is inside her little microwave.

Next to the entire kitchen are a couple of grocery bags for her to use.
All of these changes were able to be made without purchasing anything. These were all things that I had here in the house.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wolfhounds Wednesday

From left to right:
Father (1/2 Irish Wolfhound, 1/2 English Mastiff) -  Laurence Talbot
Son - Hoss
Mother (Pure-bred Irish Wolfhound) - Fiona