Monday, July 15, 2013

Montessori Monday - Remaking The Play Kitchen

Obviously I'd love if our play kitchen weren't plastic but at the time one was given to my daughter none of the parties involved had considered or were aware of a wooden option.

I got rid of all of the plastic food, cups, plates, and silverware that had come with it. All of it was going into her mouth and she wanted to be able to eat and drink with her items.

I put a few prep bowls in one cupboard

and a scale in the other.

Gave new life to an espresso maker that was going unused.
Inside the oven is a knitted meat pie and next to the door is that heart-shaped oven mitt from a previous post.
Knitted foods can be found inside the refrigerator.

A "piping hot" cup of amigurumi hot cocoa is inside her little microwave.

Next to the entire kitchen are a couple of grocery bags for her to use.
All of these changes were able to be made without purchasing anything. These were all things that I had here in the house.

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