Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Hands on Adventure A Children's Museum - (Pt. 3 The Final Countdown)

The next morning I woke up and checked my email. There was a response:

First, let me say that I take your comments very seriously. At AHA! we strive very hard to provide excellent customer service and when a situation occurs where a customer is dissatisfied, we want to do everything we can to amend the situation.

When you were invited to move to the nest to feed your child, it was only with concern for your comfort, not to cause distress as it obviously did. You were alerted to the nest because many new visitors don't realize that we offer this area for their convenience. Many, many of our guests appreciate the comfy chair and out of the way location where they can feed their babies without so many distractions. Most of the time when mothers use the nest, their other children play nearby in the market, at the bank, or at the art tables. We have learned that every mother is different and some mothers want more privacy while nursing their babies (some even go to their cars) while others are comfortable and discrete feeding their babies in more open spaces. Our goal is to make sure we offer alternatives so that mothers can choose.

While the presentation of the information could have been more tactful, and obviously more responsive to your replies, I assure you that was not the intention. Our staff is trained to offer accommodations such as the nest, lockers, and lunch tables to make customers more comfortable. Unfortunately, our efforts on this day made you uncomfortable, the exact opposite effect we were hoping to achieve.

I offer to you my sincerest apologies for the discomfort and upset this situation has caused. Your comments will be taken to heart in the manner in which we make other mothers aware of their options in the future. All mothers have a choice as to where they feed their babies while at AHA! and our staff must use caution to not imply that one place is better than any other.

Should you choose to share your address with me, I would be happy to send you some guest passes so that you and your daughter can come to play at AHA! again as our guests. I am sorry that the situation left your with unpleasant memories but want to make it up to you with this gift and with our promise to have better awareness in the future.

Sincerely and with my apologies,
[Name Redacted]
Executive Director 


Where do I begin?

1) I wasn't invited. I'd been given the distinct impression it was their way or the freeway.

2) Having an option for a woman to breastfeed in any way that makes leaves them feeling comfortable to do so while away from their home is great.
I called my husband to ask his opinion. I had no idea what I should do next. We opted to take the passes. I sent an email back with my information and said nothing to her further.

I attempted contacting The Columbus Underground but I suppose this story was of no interest because I was ignored.

It has not been my attempt over these last three posts to tell you to besmirch the name of A Hands on Adventure A Childrens Museum. My intention was to make you aware of how this sort of situation really is happening all over and can happen to any breastfeeding mother.

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