Friday, June 14, 2013

Getting Out Gorilla Glue

Yesterday I posted about using Gorilla Glue on a project whose details I have no yet revealed. If you read the post you should already be aware that my mind was partially elsewhere since I didn't notice the part where I needed to heat my homemade glue to finish making it *facepalm.*

If you've never used Gorilla Glue I should warn you - it's some serious stuff. It's super strong and it also puffs up when it's drying.

True to the days fashion of my mind being someplace else I began crafting away with this super strong adhesive while not wearing anything to protect my hands. What you may be thinking at this point is correct. When I finished I found I had a problem. My fingers were covered in a glue I had zero desire to have to go toe-to-toe with.

I began frantically washing my hands, you know, because freaking out always helps. I started by using some soap I had by the sink. It didn't help. I grabbed some nail polish remover that is somehow still in my home and was even in the kitchen right then and used that on my fingers. Still no go. Panic was setting it.

I hollered to my husband who was in the living room and told him that I'd glued my fingers. Once he finally stopped laughing I was able to get him to help. Eventually I directed him towards the internet to look for the solution that was eluding us.

Hot water or olive oil were what he came back with. I opted to use both. I had him sparingly pour some olive oil onto my hands which I then proceeded to thoroughly rub in and then rinse in water that I had as hot as I could stand. I did this a few times.

My fingers managed to eventually come away not coated in glue but I still had quite a bit on my fingertips, under my nails, and in the case of two of my fingers - all along my cuticles.

The next day I went back to work on my project. I let it sit in the kitchen drying while my husband vacuumed and I fed our son.

To cut to the chase - my daughter let herself into the kitchen and started playing with my project. When I went into the kitchen I saw the project had been a little messed up but thought it was just items sliding around in the glue and not staying put.

This was not the case. My little lamb told me that she was in there looking for her broom and that she wanted to sweep. I began to look for it but needed to use the restroom (moms of young children often find themselves needing to pee and unable to use the restroom for hours at a time) so I asked my husband to get her broom for her. Then I heard him ask her what was all over her face and hands.

Oh no. . .

I told him about how my project had been messed with and that I'd found her near it and that it could very well be Gorilla Glue.

It was.

My husband used a washcloth to wipe some of the glue off and then let her be.

Worried about toxins seeping in through her skin and just how generally uncomfortable this was going to be for her I revisited the olive oil solution.

She whined as I wiped the olive oil all over the places I knew the glue to be. When I had finished I had my husband go back over the spots for good measure and then rinse her face with warm water.

The glue was now gone.

And that, dear readers, is how you get out Gorilla Glue.

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