Friday, September 14, 2012

Chemical-Free Cleaning - The Toilet

Our back toilet was in need of a cleaning and here I was without anymore of those toxic house-hold cleaners I grew up with and came to depend on. With my old pal bleach out of the picture I remembered seeing something on Pintrest about cleaning your toilet using borax. It was already nearly midnight and I didn't feel like digging through the 300+ pins on my green board so I just did a quick Google search.

Today's chemical-free cleaning test comes from the info here on Care 2 Make A Difference.

All you need to do is pour 1 cup of borax into your toilet before bed, wake up, and scrub away the yuck. Seems simple enough.

Knowing that my husband or I could not go all night without using the toilet closest to our bedroom it seemed the back toilet with all its yuck was a good candidate to go first.

Here is the toilet before I added the borax.

Once I added it (I even flicked the cup up towards the walls of the toilet where the water didn't reach) the water, not to my surprise, turned cloudy. Cloudy felt good. Cloudy, to me, meant that the borax was already dissolving and dispersing.

In the morning before scrubbing the toilet looked like this - a very slight change.

After scrubbing.

I say for those of you who are interested in cleaning your toilets this way - it's worth it.

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