Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pintested - Chemical-Free Cleaning - Microwave

I'm thankful to be able to tell you that my microwave is not regularly a hang-my-head-in-shame mess. But I do periodically find myself with a larger share of splattered food than I'd like in there.

Somehow it seems there's a lot of people who aren't aware of the problem this mess poses in relation to how well your microwave cooks food. The short and sweet explanation of what I mean by this is: when you have a microwave coated with food splatters, each time you use it, your microwave will expend a portion of its energy to once again cook those food splatters. More splatters - less even or concentrated cooking.

Today's pin-test comes from the info I found here as a result of following this pin.

My microwave was already "acceptably" clean but it had once again been a while since it's last cleaning.

I assembled the things I would need to begin cleaning. Once they were I jumped right in.

I really want to be able to tell  you that I walked down the hallway and smelled the magnificent aroma of vanilla wafting towards me but no such thing happened.

Did the dirt/grime/grease/food residue just wipe right off as websites with similar solutions boast? Not really. However, this one did at least tell you how long to microwave the water. I've seen some that just tell you to microwave whatever the mixture is and not tell you mixture amounts of microwave times.

Here is what the microwave looked like after merely wiping it down after doing as instructed.

Although some things did seem to wipe away with ease, I didn't get the end result I was hoping for. What's a pinner to do? Dip your UnPaper towel into the warm vanilla water mixture and scrub the microwave with it.

Although I saw more positive results there's definitely still some residue left that will need to be removed.

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