Friday, September 21, 2012

Pintesting - Coconut Shampoo

After digging through our house for toxic chemicals I found myself without a chemical free, ecologically friendly shampoo.

Today's pin-test comes from the information found here that I obtained via this pin. I recommend you read the entire post before you begin mixing anything.

My biggest dilemma about following through on this pin with the ingredients I had was that Thai Kitchen's canned coconut milk is known to have BPA in the lining of the can.

How much good am I doing myself or the environment by making and using this shampoo? I decided that I would go ahead (this time) and try it out using what felt was a pretty questionable ingredient.

1 can of Thai Kitchen's coconut milk contains 5 serving sizes of 1/3 cup. This recipe calls for 1/4 cups of coconut milk. This all means that 1 can of Thai Kitchen's coconut milk contains 6.5 "servings" available for use in this recipe.

If you are planning to use the entire can the recipe would be:
2 C. Castile soap
11 Tsp. Castile soap
1 Can Coconut milk
3 1/3 C. Vegetable Oil or Olive Oil

I was interested in how I might like this shampoo if I used coconut oil in addition to the coconut milk but I still wanted to try the original. If you, like me, want to split this into two mixtures your recipe would be:
1 C. Castile soap
4 Tbsp. Castile soap
1/2 Can (or 3 1/4 C.) Coconut milk
1 C. Coconut Oil
10 Tbsp. Coconut Oil

You have my husband to thank for all of this math.

What I ended up doing:
1 Can coconut Milk
2 C Olive oil
3 C Castile soap

The result smelled like enough coconut that I didn't feel like I missed out by not using the coconut oil. The mixture was a bit more sloshy than I anticipated, so maybe I should have used that coconut oil anyway?
I finally used the shampoo a few days later. In the shower the shampoo no longer smelled as coconutty as it previously had and smelled much more like olive oil. I worried that the shampoo may have had a tad too much oil but in the end I think it all worked out just fine.

The mix was still a bit watery but nothing problematic and it bubbled up just fine.

Is this one worth a try? It sure is!

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