Friday, April 17, 2015

Dryer Lint Fire Starters - Do They Really Work?

As any of my regular readers know I am absolutely not a fan of waste and like to try to avoid it as much as possible.

We had gotten a free fire pit from a neighbor that was moving and within the week of getting it, it was perfect bonfire weather. Better still, the neighborhood maintenance had come through our bachelorhood and done tons of tree trimming. Wanting desperately to make bio-char but having not moved yet I would have to settle for the usual byproduct of a bonfire, ash - which I would be saving to use for dust baths for our future chickens (and I did, but I ended up having to leave it with many other things at the old place).

First I found a few toilet paper rolls that had not yet found their way into the compost or recycling bins. Then I checked the dryer for dryer lint.
I sat the toilet paper rolls on end and lightly stuffed them. I made sure that the lint should be in contact with all sides of the roll but that it was not tightly packed (didn't want to make air flow too difficult.)

These really didn't seem to work any better than any other form of kindling. Will it work? yes. Is it any better than something else? I really don't think so.


Dryer lint IS extremely flammable and I found I was able to light it on fire with plenty of ease to begin fires in our fire pit.

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