Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pintesting - Untangling Doll Hair

One of my daughters dolls had begun taking an increased beating with the arrival of her little brothers burgeoning toddler-hood. Both of them were getting food in her hair and the doll hair was of course getting tangled and matted.

I got everything that was going to be needed together.

The pin says to use 2 tbspns fabric softener. Already having my hands full with other things I just went with two "glugs" out of the fabric softener bottle and into my spray bottle that seemed the appropriate equivalent. Then i filled the rest of my bottle with water and shook it up to mix.

I believe my spray bottle is supposed to hold around 6 ounces.

I began by using a fine mist but by the end I was going pretty heavy handed with the spray. Just remember it's always easier to add to than to take away.

To de-tangle the dolly in questions tresses you should, like with your own hair, begin at the tips and work up to the roots to avoid fairy knots. The entire process took me around 5 - 10 minutes which is about as long as it can sometimes take to do this same thing with my daughter.

The results were worth the effort though :)

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