Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Etsy Trade Tuesday - Janine Basil

If you haven't heard of Janine Basil, frankly, I won't be surprised, frequently people don't know the name behind something they may very well have seen out there in cyberspace.

Janine Basil makes "retro and geek style hats, fascinators, headpieces, headbands and hair accessories for women with a twist of glamour and glitz! They are all handmade, by me, in my flat in London, UK."

She was one of those people who had so many goodies in her shop that I could never make up my mind what to buy.

At the beginning of this year I launched, The Dalek Project, which failed miserably. I tried my hardest to round up Etsyians to participate so that I could help not only further the name of Etsy but help out handmade.

Honestly, when you mail people for freebies or trades on Etsy, you can pretty much *expect to be totally ignored and never hear back from the seller. Janine Basil is NOT one of these people. I spoke to her about the specifics of the project and was lucky enough to have her on board.

She made these three "Exterminate" headbands for the project, which I tried to remember often to work into shots of my Dalek of the day.

It's easy to jump on board to something that is a success but it takes a special kind of person to lend a crafty hand when you're trying to build something.

*There are TONS of people just out there to get something for free, or people who genuinely WILL review a product but don't have an audience the size a seller prefers to feel it's a worthwhile trade.

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