Monday, August 13, 2012

Going Green - How Far Is Too Far?

When it comes to the wide and wonderfully eco-responsible world of the reusable - how far is too far? To me, a reusable diaper wipe doesn't seem too terribly out of school but I can see how for some that may be where they choose to draw the line.

Personally, I think my line is right down my butt crack. That's right, reusable toilet paper isn't causing my little, increasingly greener heart, skip a beat.
Although I and the environment appreciate that there are those out there willing to go the distance that others are willing to make. For now I'm just not ready to make that sort of change.

After discovering The Budget Savvy Diva on Pintrest I went digging through her pins and came across this pin, which is what, in a roundabout way, lead to this post.  

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