Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I've Got The Sewing Bug!

My mother-in-law has the kind of house that children run away to, literally, local kids have told their parents that they were running away to her house. Why? Because there are tons of animals and things for kids of most ages to play with. Sadly the majority of these toys are not age appropriate or even safe for my little girl. Tired of always having to specially load the car for trips to her house, my husbands grandmothers house, or the sudden need for a trip to the emergency room I looked for something to make life easier. Enter, the portable play mat. It's both a play mat and a purse. Throw it over your shoulder throw some toys in and you're ready to go. At your destination? Set your bag on the floor and unfurl it - BAM! clean area for your little one to play.
The other day I made a test version of the idea/design and this is the result.
A playful, somewhat gender neutral pirate fabric that I thought her uncles may get a particular kick out of on the bottom/outside of the purse.
Inside is a fabric I found that I thought could give the impression of water.
The bag is lightly quilted so that there is a nice squishy place for my little ones adorable squishy booty to sit.
My little Lamb decided that she also really liked having it wrapped around her. I guess a cape is now on my list of thing to make in the near future. Now that I know the flaws in my design I plan to fix and refine it.

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