Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kitchen Testing - Winter Sore Throat "Tea"

Some months ago it seemed that a great deal of the women I know on Facebook were all "like"ing the same "Farmer's Pal" post. But of course, that's really how it works isn't it? One person "like"s it and then we all see it and then people start following suit.

What was all the hubbub about? "Winter sore throat 'tea'"

I mentioned recently that my little lamb and I got sick. My sore throat far outweighed the annoyance of my ever dripping nose.

This is a recipe you should really make months in advance but who can really remember what you had going on months ago that kept you from doing it? Besides - there are still more winter months to go!

I bought ginger with the intention of using it in some kimchee for my mother, but my piece was large enough that I could spare half to make some tea.

I sliced it up and then got out my lemons.

Layer lemons and ginger.

Then pour honey over top and watch it drip through the open spaces.

Now I play the waiting game. This mix looks so wonderful I almost hope for a sore throat. By the time this post goes out it will only have been in the fridge six days. The original post says to wait months but I'll be trying to keep an eye on it to see when it congeals.

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