Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pin-testing - Chemical-Free Pest Control - Ants

With the weather being mildly crazy this last month or so we've been experiences a small surge of smallish ants attempting to move in to survive the cold. No thanks.

Today's pintest comes to us via this pin, I chose to just use the information right there on the original pin.

We didn't have jam (something I hope to resolve soon) but we do keep plenty of honey around so I chose to mix my borax with honey. I also was a bit naughty and didn't measure things exactly.

I made sure to mix the two until I have a nice paste and then set out the bowl in the bathroom near the crack in the wall that I have seen the ants using to come in.

I let it sit for about 72 hours and at first it seemed like the ants were entirely gone (pintrest be praised!)
This mixture has been sitting in my bathroom for around two weeks now and we still have a few ants. It does seem to be killing them but it doesnt seem to be stopping them.

Is this pin worth a try? Yes, but I wouldn't expect it to be an end-all solution. I will try it again in the future with a proper mixture, possibly a plate, and jam instead of honey.

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