Friday, May 24, 2013

Farm Sensory Playscape

I don't own one of your typical water tables to create sensory playscapes for my daughter but I DO own (thanks to her godmother) a water park! (You'll see in a moment)

Having sat outside all winter it had gotten a bit dirty so the other day I had my husband pull it out (you never know, there could be spiders back there) and the two of us cleaned it up.

Filled with this wonderful idea of a miniature sensory world for my little lamb I headed off to the store where I bought bags of beans

and some pop corn kernels.

Knowing that this was going to end in a HUGE mess I set out the charm quilt her great-granny made for her and set out the now clean water park on top.

We also have a little portable farm box toy that was purchased for our newest addition so I made sure to include that was well.
I set up a nice farm scape of beans in the table
and then began adding animal toys.
Around this time my husband came out to peek at my progress.

Remembering the woodland theme of our sons nursery I grabbed a few more toys and set them out on the farm mat
and one off to the side.
I was ready for the morning!

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