Friday, May 3, 2013

What To Do About A Dishwasher Full of Beeswax Pt. 2

I really wish this didn't have to be a two-parter but sometimes that's just way the beeswax crumbles . . . all. Over. Your. Dishes.

You really can't go on very long with no clean dishes. If nothing else, this kind of mess attracts pests.

We removed all the offending dishes from the dishwasher and set them out to wait while we tried to clean the rest of them.
My husband expressed the completely reasonable concern that we should run the dishwasher with only one dish in it just in case there were gunk left in there. I suggested we run the dishwasher with a cup full of vinegar on the top rack.

This whole thing was so intensely wasteful of water that frankly I'm pretty ashamed and disgusted to admit to and post about my waste.

The next morning I tried boiling those mason jars you see in some water and seeing if they yielded a positive result.

It did not.

In the end every dish had to be scrubbed by hand in the hottest water we could stand. My grater will never be the same . . .

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