Tuesday, July 24, 2012


As if it weren't bad enough that I obsessively knit, my crafting has shifted into overdrive. Recently I fell in love with the concept of clothing that is both knitted and sewn. So I made a couple of dresses that can later be worn as shirt for my little lamb. This didn't sate my crafting appetite so I've set off to do more. Starting with altering a shirt I won a couple of years ago into something a bit more wearable.
FRAK! I was now at the stopping point for the day. My sewing machines and serger aren't set up at the house and I kind of couldn't even if I wanted to so I had to wait until I could run over to my husbands grandmother's house so that I could make use of hers.
Actually she uses a Husqvarna Viking embroidery machine as her primary sewing machine. The previous night I was thinking about altering some jeans into bell bottoms, but the following morning when I went to try them on I found myself unable to fit the remainder of my pregnancy tummy into the jeans. I talked over my jean ideas with a fantastic crafty friend of mine and set to work ripping seams. However, I was on such a high from all this crafty goodness i accidentally ripped the inseam instead of the outerseam for the jeans I plan to alter. So yet again I have to wait until my next visit to grandmas to fix the mistake and them rip the correct seam. Stalled again. So I broke out a pile of old shirts and stared at them for a while to come up with something else I could do.
Eventually I settled on cutting up an American Apparel skirt that never fit me correctly and a shirt I wore a lot in high school but that I have no reason to believe will ever fit again.
You'll have to stay tuned to see what I have planned for everything and how it works out.

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