Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Etsy Trade Tuesday - Love For Earth

Living in Columbus has definitely been an experience. Columbus has a bohemian aspect similar to my native Fredericksburg, Virginia; but here I noticed that a lot of people do trades. I've known small local business owners to trade wares for services or goods from others. I've seen these trades fail but more often I see them become great successes for the involved parties. Having recently lost the Etsy shop I spent the last six years of my life working on, I now have stock that I don't have too much use for, in fact, it's taking up quite a bit of space. Another recent life change for my family and I has been our choice to increase our green actions. This has left me with a renewed love for green products, in this case re-usable sandwich/snack bags. I didn't have enough Tupperware containers to cover a weeks worth of packed lunches for my husband and found myself using DUN DUN DUUNNNNNNNN . . . ZIPLOCK BAGGIES! Enter, the reusable sandwich bag. Despite my general annoyance for how Etsy handled the harassment that lead to the close of my shop my love of handmade, particularly hand-made in the USA, has kept me continuously perusing Etsy. Yes, you can easily find an online tutorial to make your own sandwich bags and if you don't like the ones you find, I'm certain people out there have patterns you can pay for. Having a 16 month old doesn't leave me with a lot of time to sew (a problem only made worse by my Pintrest obsession that only adds to the list of things to knit or sew). My current living situation hasn't left me with enough space to set up my own sewing machine here at the house so I drive over to my husbands grandmother's house and use hers. Enter the wonderful Kara K. of Love for Earth on Etsy, added bonus - she lives in my home state!
Kara enjoys making unique, custom, eco-friendly bags and it really shows through in her work. We agreed upon a trade and when the two of us set to work fulfilling our ends of the bargain. Not only did I get an insulated snack/sandwich bag but she made me a custom bag as well! I told her my woes of forever having my hands full and my usual inability to juggle two giant Jersey Mikes subs. Jersey Mikes subs don't come with bags with handles. After discussing the length of a giant sub from Jersey Mikes (15") and determining what the width of two of them should be, she created a special, insulated,
Jersey Mikes sub carry bag
I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurv it! The quality is out of this world! About a week later my other bag came (she too was excited about our arrangement and forgot to send the other bag) and it too was wonderful. It even came in recycled packaging!
Tell Kara your reusable bag woes and you'll be sure to walk away with a custom creation that you'll love.

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