Friday, July 20, 2012

Pintresting Ideas

I. Love. Pintrest. But I guess, these days - who doesn't? Last night my husband got a splinter in his foot. This morning he asked me where our tweezers were so that I could pull it out. When I looked at his foot, the splinter was pretty deep. PINTREST TO THE RESCUE! Only a few days ago I saw a post about using baking soda for splinter removal. When I went to check my boards I couldn't find the pin so I just searched the word splinter. This is what I was met with:
That's right, just about an entire page full of Master Splinter, in fact, they were all the same picture. Thankfully I was able to find the pin via the search function. What I didn't expect that this baking soda remedy is supposed to stay on the affected area for 24 hours. During the time I was mixing and applying the baking soda he received a call from work. So it seems today he'll be out and about with baking soda and tiny band-aids on his foot. Stay tuned to find out if it works.

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