Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dresser Drawer Organization For Children

I've been picked on occasionally for the way I have my kids clothes in her dresser. You wouldn't think that's the sort of thing that would become a subject of any interest but for those who have to deal with it - I guess it must be. So here's how I do it. This is the current top drawer of her dresser which contains sizes 9 months to 12 months. There are very very few 9 month things left because she is now 16 months but children's sizes seem to be a pot shot. Sometimes 6 months really means 6 months, other times, not so much.
On the right side are shirts and onesies; in the center are full outfits (like jumpsuit type things, pants, and skirts; and on the left are the jammies. The smallest of each type of clothing is always put towards the front of the stack so I can get the most wear out of each item before she outgrows it. (Once she outgrows an item I remove it from the drawer and put it away for the next child we hope to have.) On the left where the jammies are I put the most season appropriate jammies in front. Because it's summer, all winter jammies are now at the back of the drawer. Right now when my husband looks for clothes for her I tell him she can wear anything from the top two drawers. This is the second drawer, which is pretty much all size 18 months clothing. The same general rules apply here: shirts and onesies on the right; outfits and pants in the center; and jammies on the left.
In my third drawer which has a lot of 24 month and 2T's I have most of the warm, hand knitted clothing towards the front because quite a bit of this time my little one will be towards the end of winter.
That last picture is upside down - sorry about that. Once she has no need for a 12 month drawer I just shift everything up a drawer and begin filling the one below it with the next size she should wear.

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