Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chemical-Free Deodorant

The baby was going to be here any day, we had $40 in the bank to make it another week until pay day, there was next to no gas in my car to even make it to the hospital, and we were out of deodorant.

On occasion when I see we are running low on a particular item I tell myself, "When we run out of this I'll just make some here at home." The time was now - actually the time was about 2 days earlier but I continued to use that teeny amount of remaining deodorant barely sticking out of the container.

After checking Pinterest for chemical-free, home-made deoderant I put together a recipe that I felt good about.

Just a couple of days before my husband told me that although he agrees with and supports my efforts to save the environment he was hoping I could stop keeping quite so many of the glass jars that were ever so slightly, taking over out kitchen. This was a good project to use one of my most recently saved glass containers.

I chose this jar because it has a  mouth wide enough that my husband or I could dip our hand in with relative ease when we were running low.

Here's my recipe:
1/2 c baking soda
1/2 c corn starch
10 tbsp organic coconut oil
20 drops of tea tree oil
Combine these ingredients and mix.

Word to the wise - this is a lot easier to thoroughly mix in a nice sized bowl. I started by using a spoon but got better results once I just dove right in and used my hands.
Once it's all thoroughly mixed put it in your chosen container and store someplace cool.

Because of the coconut oil I don't recommend storing this anyplace super warm or even hot unless you want runny deodorant.

How well does it work? So far so good! I'm pretty happy.

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