Monday, April 1, 2013

Making Baby Wipes Out of (Recycled) Paper Napkins

We are out of baby wipes and I'd already decided that once we were out of store bought baby wipes we wouldn't be buying any more.
Permanent lifestyle changes work out best by introducing them gradually. After dealing with three days off poop and cloth diaper fails I wasn't feeling ready to jump into the deep end of cloth wipes. I decided to start a little smaller to begin my habit.

I sent the hubs into a Kroger that regularly seems not to have the natural items I want with the instructions to buy recycled paper towels or none at all. He brought me these.
I hoped I could make them work. The nice thing about them was that after you take some out the bag comes with 2 pull ties to re-close the bag.
 I put 1 teaspoon of Doctor Bonners mild baby soap
 5 drops of tea tree oil
 and then filled this glass of water most of the way.
Stirred gently.

I put a handfull of the napkins into the now empty wipes container and poured a bit over the nappkins. It did not seem to be seeping in at all - just ruining the top napkins.
I flipped them over and added some more. More of the same disappointing result so I took the ones I just poured on top of, grabbed about half of the stack of napkins, and put the wet ones in the center. Then I shook the container. Turning the container over wasn't an option because the little lamb had stolen the top.
I waited 5 - 10 minutes and then went back in and checked on them. There didn't seem to be much change. I decided to leave them as is and then just try them as soon as they were needed.

My husband was the first to try these out He needed them the next morning and I'd call it a fail - he said the napkin ripped (shocker).


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