Thursday, April 18, 2013

Drawer Liners

Despite how much I was able to accomplish via Craigslist in preparation for our son there was still so much we needed and we didn't have the money to buy much of anything.

While lamenting to my mother-in-law about having the worst time finding a desirably dresser for the baby as well as my husband she mentioned she had a dresser out in one of her sheds. Free is pretty much always the right price so my husband and I went out and looked at it.

Getting the dresser to our house from my in-laws house was a minor battle but finally, the dresser was here.
It had a little mold inside the drawers from being exposed to the moisture outside. At her suggestion we sprayed the drawers with some watered down bleach to clean then and then left them to sit and dry.

Adding something to the drawer to protect from any possible yuckies leftover was something I felt compelled to do.

First, I pulled out a bit of wrapping paper I had. This was some limited edition, retro printed wrapping paper I had to order from England. I bought rolls of it around a decade ago. You really don't get very much paper in a roll, just a couple of sheets. I sat the sheets out with some items to weight the edges before I began.
Then, I did my best to measure the inside of the drawer.

I carefully cut the wrapping paper on my cutting mat using my rotary cutter and a ruler.

Before you get down to any gluing set the piece you've cut inside the drawer to make sure it fits.
Using some cheap brushes
I brushed a coat of Modge Podge (yes you can make your own but at 9 months pregnant and already making so many things I needed a break) over the area I intended to paper.
Now carefully set your wrapping paper down over the "modge podged" area. I thought that pressing out wrinkles and air would be easy but it wasn't. Once it begins sticking it's not really easy to press out. You're better off just carefully pulling up what you can and attempting to lay it back down.
Like I said there really isn't a lot of this wrapping paper so after I did the bottom of the drawer I only had enough left to do the back or front of the drawer. I figured when you pull out a drawer you rarely see the front I'd do the back.
I still kind of wanted something to be done to the sides as well.

I was really going to need more wrapping paper and something that would allow me to be able to continue lining this drawer with the same paper I preferred to use.

The wrapping paper was buried in our cavernous shed. I did my best to look one day but got nowhere. Then I sent my husband in to look where I thought it might be, I have no idea how far he got but he didn't come back with any wrapping paper. A few days later, feeling full of determination I decided to dig as far as I could handle despite the freezing weather, my being dressed inappropriately for said weather, and being 9 months pregnant. The wrapping paper ended up being on the opposite side of the shed than I remember it initially being put in, but it was, of course, all the way in the back. I cleared a pathway that usually I would be able to fit into to get to the paper but wasn't able to get in. I tried using a shovel to knock down the paper and bring it closer - this too failed. Finally, I went next door and borrowed my neighbors slender daughter and she was kind enough to get it out for me and put it into my house while I put things back into the shed.
I was back at work within the half hour.

Finished measuring, cutting, and modge podging your paper into drawers and allow them a fair amount of time to properly dry.

Here's what it all looked like when I had only one drawer left to line.
Once everything has been lined you're ready to add the contact paper to help protect the paper from ware and tear.

Then you're free to just go fill up those dresser drawers! 

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