Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pintesting Katrina's Sew Quick Soaker Pattern

Feeling like "baby Ironhide" would be here tomorrow I was beginning to panic again. Despite my Craigslisting items for his nursery there was still so much more.

Fixating on soakers for some reason I turned to Etsy and caved to my hugely anti-plastic stance and bought a couple of fleece soakers.

Buying just a few wasn't giving me the "fix" I needed. I looked at a few more, I even favorited quite a few.

Eventually I decided to make some myself as well.

Today's pintest comes via this pin and the information found here.

I had to have my husband print out the template because we don't have a printer.

Once again I used an old manilla folder to create my usable template.

Then, entering fully crazy person mode - I went to JoAnns for their President's Day sale to load up on fabric I knew was already on sale.
When I walked past the long line of people I overheard a woman say that I was going to be very busy.
I bought a half a yard of each of the novelty print fabrics and a quarter yard of the plain.

It's really hard to cut fabric with a toddler so I waited, like I usually do, until she was in bed to cut my fabrics and have them ready to sew the following day.

Instead of positioning my template over a fold in the fabric I just positioned my template on the fabric and cut.

Cut out all of the pieces the pattern calls for. I realized after I had my husband print the pattern that there was a special template for a wet zone layer so I just made my own template.
Place your fabric right side down and then position your PUL for the wetzone layers in the center
then cover it with a piece of fleece.
Sew it down using whatever stitch you most prefer - I used a zig zag stitch.

Fold the body of the soaker with right sides facing
and sew the sides.
Fold your leg piece in half with whatever side you want to be the right side touching
and sew the edge.
Do this for the other leg piece
as well as the waistband.

You should now have three pieces that look something like this.
For each of these three pieces you will take one of the long edges and turn it upwards so that you have a circle of fabric with the wrong sides now inside.
I like to add the leg cuffs first because they are a bit more of a pain than the nice large waistband.

Fit your leg cuff inside of the inside-out soaker.
You could pin it in place, but I didn't. Sew around the edge with a zig zag stitch.
Of course do this to both legs.
Then once again with the waistband.

Once you do that you're finished! Just clip all those loose threads and flip the soaker with the right side facing out.
The first night I made two.
My daughter immediately tried to put them on and to keep her from possibly destroying them I put them on one of her toys. That placated her nicely.
I got quite a few of these done during her naptime the next day.
I made some for my own baby on the way
as well as for a friend who is also expecting a boy.
I'm not finished making them but this project really helped quell the freak out I was experiencing.

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