Thursday, April 4, 2013

Making Baby Wipes Out of (Recycled) Paper Towels

I needed baby wipes and was still really set on making this work. I finally got the paper towels I planned to try to use instead of napkins.
We needed wipes fast so I had my husband cut the roll in half while I mixed up some more solution.
We were going to need a container that could be quickly and easily opened and closed - a container we were using to hold snacks (that we weren't even eating) was sacrificed to our cause.
In the paper towels went and the solution was poured over top. My husband thought we would need more solution but it's always easier to add than to take away so I suggested we just wait a little while and see.

The towels all seemed sufficiently moist.

I removed the cardboard bit in the center.
Now you're ready to pull a bit of paper towel from the center.
It wasn't long until someone with a stinky tushy plopped down into my lap. While I ran to the laundry room to grab the freshly laundered cloth diapers my husband tended to the mess.

Once the diaper was changed I asked him how the wipes worked. He said that they were useable but they still fell apart a bit. When I asked him if they fell apart more or less than the ones you buy at the store he said more.

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