Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cleaning My George Forman Grill

I adore my George Foreman Grill, but I go stretches of time where I nearly forget we even own it. Once I remember I usually find use for it a few days in a row at a time or even for a few days a week for weeks at a time. The cause of my putting my grill away and forgetting about it is just about always the same - I hate to clean it.

I could have sworn that you were supposed to be able to take out the inner grill pieces and wash them in the dish washer but I haven't seen any follow up evidence to prove said thought.

How does one best take care of the pain that is cleaning a George Foreman grill? The internet said (via many sources) that the answer was simple - paper towels. For this test I will be using, surprise surprise, my UnPaper towels.

Plug in your grill and let it begin to warm up.

Wet your UnPaper towels really well, wringing them out to the point where they just stopped being dripping wet. But still keep them very wet.

I decided to use two towels back to back in an attempt to get an even better, more thorough clean.

Place them in the grill with the "cleaning sides" facing the section of grill you want them to clean (ie. wrong side to wrong side so that both "terry" sides are on the dirty portion of the grill.)

Close the grill with the UnPaper towels in it.

Let your grill work up a good steam.

Despite warning to let things cool before removing the towels I did it anyway and gave the grill a quick wipe with a dry towel.

Seeing that amount of yuck still left I opted to flip the towels to their now clean side and close the grill again. Unplug the grill because you don't really need a lot more "cooking" at this point - or at least I didn't.

Remove the towels, wipe down your grill with a dry cloth, and enjoy your now clean George Foreman grill!

Two of my favorite sources while I was figuring out how to clean this beast:
Judith's Mama
Hub Pages

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