Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Getting My Husband To Eat Leftovers And My Little Girl To Eat Vegetables

Oh My! This post has been sitting as a draft for well over a week!!!

A lot of my in-laws refuse to eat left-overs. To me this is ridiculous but thankfully, it;s also not my problem. My husband eats left-overs but has very little idea of how long certain foods should be allowed to sit in our refrigerator.

In another attempt to get my little girl to eat her veggies I opted to make a home-made vegetable pizza. There was just one problem. I knew that once my husband came home and was told to eat leftovers and saw the kid and I eating home-made pizza he'd wonder why he too was not eating home-made pizza.

I've mentioned before that my husband is a picky eater so a vegetable pizza is not something he would even consider an option. I was going to have to make two pizzas.

Both the pizza dough and the sauce were made from scratch. Once I made the dough I let it sit for an hour or so

to let the flavors meld

and the same went for the sauce.

I had to have both pizzas ready by the time my husband got home just in case he came home starving. I made his first.

I cut  the dough in half and rolled his out.

Added the sauce and then pulled out any possible offending chunks of tomato.

Add cheese.

Shred up some of that leftover ham. Add olives.

When I sent my mother the picture of the pizza before it went into the oven she thought that I'd put rice on the pizza.

Put it the oven at 375 until done to the degree my husband prefers.

Now for the kid and myself.

Take the remaining dough and roll it out.


A little ricotta.

Sliced Tomato.

Cheese. Olives.
This pizza seemed like an fantastic excuse to break out some beautiful purple asparagus I'd bought.

Artichoke and asparagus.

I was so hungry by the time I finished we were eating before I stopped to take a picture.

So how did the little lamb take it? She mostly ate the topping off but who cares!? That's what had everything I wanted her to eat on it!

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