Friday, December 7, 2012

Pintesting In The Kitchen - Smoothie #1

Today's pintest come from this pin and the information found here.

I chose to use the "Green Smoothies Rule!"

Just about all of the ingredients I used were frozen except for the banana. Also, my frozen pineapple is mixed with mango. Where the option was, "water, kefir, or yogurt", I chose to use some flavored Greek yogurt.
Blend your ingredients until smooth.

I had plenty left over for later so I stored it in a Mason jar and put it in the fridge.

Try not to use cups like these for your smoothie because it seems it's too difficult for your little one to get the smoothie out.

Initially my little lamb was just happy to be given something special but she didn't finish it right off the bat. But later that evening she snuggled up under her Big Bird blanket with her smoothie and some Sesame Street and she polished it off.

The smoothie was worth trying. In fact, the spinach seemed so well hidden I may be adding 1/2 cup a spinach to smoothies that don't call for it!

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