Friday, December 28, 2012

Pintesting - Chemical-Free - Flea Spray

I have no idea what these fleas are on. There may be less of them but any of them is really unacceptable. My husband decided it was time to try a flea bath on the dog again and I decided to try out a chemical-free flea spray.

Todays pintest comes via this pin and the information found here.

The more common oils for repelling insects, including fleas, are:
-       Lavender
-       Citronella
-       Peppermint
-       Eucalyptus
-       Cedar
-       Lemongrass

I currently had peppermint and Eucalyptus.

Flea, tick and mosquito spray for dogs:
In a 32 ounce spray bottle filled with distilled water, add 10 drops of one of the oils listed above.  Shake the bottle well and mist your dog every day.  You can also spray this mixture on their bedding, around doorways and along baseboards to repel fleas.
This makes a good bug spray for people, too.

It was true, a lot of recipes for chemical-free bug sprays contained similar ingredients to some of those for flea sprays. So I took a cue from one of the sites that said using a mixture of oils usually provides better protection from bugs and used Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Tee tree oil.

My spray bottle was around 18 ounces and I didn't have distilled water. I used purified water. I put 5 - 6 drops of each oil in the bottle and shook it.

Once again we play the waiting game.

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