Monday, December 10, 2012

Pintesting In The Kitchen - Banana Pepper Mustard

Last year when visiting my husbands grandmother she offered me some banana pepper mustard, citing that one of the many grandsons made it alongside his girlfriend. It was phenomenal. Perhaps my ravings were why grandma gave it to me - I went through it really quickly at home.

Despite having asked for the recipe it never made its way back to me. Blame it on pregnancy hormones and cravings but I've been feeling downright insistent that the next time I eat bratwurst it has to be with banana pepper mustard.

Today's pintest comes to us via this pin and the information found here.

This recipe calls for 40 banana peppers that are 5" long each 
but honestly unless you're at a great farmers market or something (and it isn't out of season) finding 40 banana peppers is hard enough on it's own.

I wore gloves through a lot of this process to avoid getting any into my eyes.

I chose to remove the stems before I washed them so I  could clean off any excess stuff I may have left over from the stem removal.

Make sure to wash your peppers really well before you do any cutting.
There were so many peppers I needed to work out of two pasta bowls.

To remove the seeds I just cut the peppers lengthwise

and removed the seeds and rinsed what was left.

After having been through this whole ordeal I recommend at least dicing your banana peppers before you put them in the blender. Unless you have a much better blender than mine, in which case you're probably alright.
Blend until smooth.

My large pot was busy sterilizing jars

so I put things I was supposed to mix into a large bowl. While I was doing so I ran out of ingredients! So I put what I had into the now sterile jars and stored them until the next grocery day.

I gotta say, boiling down all of your ingredients until it can't boil down anymore takes a long time. And my not paying attention for a short while in the beginning made a huge mess of my stove.

You may be better off preparing this over the period of two days rather than in one. If you're insistent on doing it one - start early. This whole thing is pretty time consuming.

The original banana pepper mustard I tried was far more yellow and pulpy than what I ended up with. Mine boiled down to become quite dark, looking quite a bit like apple butter.

I  had more than enough for myself so I separated everything into 4 jars. One for my parents. One for my husbands grandmother. One for my cousins. And one for myself.

The end taste? It was great! I've eaten it on a variety of things; salami & cheese sandwich, ham, bratwurst, and half-smokes. Completely worth the time and effort for me and worth a try!

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