Thursday, December 13, 2012

Home-Made Tortillas

I've been trying to cut costs and be as reasonably chemical-free and self-sustaining as possible; and I have to tell you, cutting out all those conveniences has left me with even more work than I had before. Recently I made home-made flour tortillas. Not that tortillas are infinitely expensive but every penny saved helps. This is also one more way that we can cut excess plastics from our lives. Besides, have you ever looked at just how much sodium some companies tortillas companies contain!?

Most tortilla recipes you find online call for lard or shortening and we don't tend to keep either of those around. With a a few minutes more of online searching you can turn up a recipe that doesn't call for either.

This recipe took me about 30 minutes to make from start to finish.

The results were satisfying but noticeably different from  their store bought counter-parts. My husband said he prefers these to the store bought.

I will definitely try the recipe again and in the future see if I can roll my tortillas even thinner than I did on my maiden try.

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