Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pintesting In The Kitchen - Candied Pumpkin Seeds

Yet another pre-written post that I've let sit way too long and never finished! Here yah go everyone.

Sunday evening my husband decided we should carve pumpkins. At the time he suggested it I was tied up in Skyrim desperately fighting off the forsworn and repeatedly having my butt handed to me. By the time I reached the living room he had already carved the first pumpkin and she had already drawn on a couple of them.

I really hate to be too terribly wasteful and I remember as a child being given some toasted pumpkin seeds at a friends house when I spent the night. The taste was somewhat unremarkable. I don't remember being particularly enamored, but I am of the general impression that everyone usually just needs certain foods prepared the best way for their own personal taste.

There were plenty of pumpkin seeds left after the carving.

This lead me to a completely unplanned kitchen pintest which I'll split into two posts - the first come via this pin and the information I followed from it's source here.

After sifting through the pumpkin guts and separating the seeds from the squishy orange innards. I gave the seeds a good rinse in my colander, making sure to pull out any fragments of pumpkin I could.

The squishy innards I gave to my little lamb to go make a mess of in the living room.

I made the mix as instructed and spread out the now coated seeds on a cookie sheet to bake.

The need for me to get further information outside of the original pin is unusual but this one was one them because I had no pumpkin pie spice. The recipe for pumpkin pie spice I used can be found here.

I baked them for 45 minutes but thought they were still a bit to soft so I put them in for another 10 and had my husband remove them from the oven.

When it came time to remove them from the foil my seeds had pretty much candied themselves to the sheet.
I ended up folding the stiff aluminum foil, letting the seeds drop into a container. Then for good measure I gave the container a bit of a shake.

How were they? My husband and daughter liked them so I'll call it a win.

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