Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pintesting In The Kitchen - Crockpot Potato Soup

Oh my! this particular pintest began a little misleading! My husband and I hadn't eaten lunch for the day yet and it was already seeming to get a bit late so I needed something that was tasty and could be whipped up relatively quickly.

When I first read this pin, I thought that it said that this recipe takes only 30 minutes. Not so! It takes 5 hours and 30 minutes - huge difference. Five hours still left me with enough time for a late-ish dinner so I went ahead and made it anyway. It was already on my list of things to make during this pay period.

I gathered my ingrediants.
Into the crock pot went the has browns.

Chicken stock.

Cream cheese.

Cream of chicken soup.

Realize the cream cheese isn't supposed to go in yet. take it out and put it in a Tupperware sandwich keeper while it waits its turn to be added.

Pepper. I used a full teaspoon since my husband is a big fan of pepper.

I also had to omit the onions because he is vehemently opposed to onions.

While I waited the five hours I chose to make a chicken kiev to tide me over.
 Finally the time came!

The whole family enjoyed the soup. We tried it with cheese; and then with cheese and a bit of garlic salt. I consider the fact that my little lamb also ate a huge bonus.

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