Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pintesting - Chemical Free Beauty - Mud Scrub

I absolutely cannot explain why but I was super excited to make this particular scrub.

Today's pintest comes via this pin and the information found here.

1 C Sugar (white, brown, cane)  - I used white sugar
 5 TBSP Coffee grounds  - I don't actually drink coffee so i had to go out and buy the smallest amount I could for this pintest.
1/4 C oil  (veggie oil, almond oil, extra virgin olive oil, baby oil…) - since it was alreayd out and is SO wonderful I used coconut oil
1 tsp Peppermint Extract
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
Following Directions:
Because my peppermint oil wasn't here yet I set my mix aside to finish once it arrived. That's when I remembered I hadn't added the vanilla extract so I went back, added it, and stirred it with the opposite end of my wooden spoon.

So how was the scrub? So excited was I that I tried it the very night I made it even though I didn't have the peppermint oil yet. When my husband came into the bathroom he remarked, "Coffee?" He's no coffee drinker either but said he liked the smell. When I had him touch my skin afterward he said it felt like I'd just put on lotion.

I also feel confident that the scrubs I use that contain coconut oil will be of great help with the stretch marks from my pregnancy, both to moisturize the areas where my skin is expanding and to help curb how bad my stretch marks may end up without some sort of attention. 

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