Thursday, January 3, 2013

Survivalist Green Mama - Emergency Cloth Diapering

It would seem that I forgot to schedule a blog post for today. No worries! My day had an event that was worth posting about anyway.

I spent the day today with my husbands grandmother. Mostly I was rifling around her basement packed with fabric and using her amazing Viking embroidery machine. With about an hour left before I planned to go home I realized - my little lambs diaper had yet to be changed since I'd been there. She would most certainly be wet by now.

Running out to the car for diapers I was met with a lot of cold, snow, ice, and no diapers in my trunk once I'd finally reached my car. FML.

Letting my little one sit in pee any longer didn't feel like an option. I had to act.

Making use of what was possibly going to be available I asked grandma is she had an old t-shirt or some fabric I could use to make a diaper. This would be my first attempt at field dressing a little bum.

She brought me a strip of fabric and I laid it out flat.

After placing a piece of batting where I would be folding I folded the fabric in half, or really, in an almost "V" formation.
 Fold the sides in at an angle.

Fold over the top portion where your "V" is a bit so you don't just have loose fabric flapping around. If you have enough Safety or diaper pins free you should really place a pin in the center back to keep your diaper tight.

After folding over the bottom of the diaper a little bit place your child into your newly concocted diaper. Take the edges of your "V" and fold them to the center over top of what is now the front piece of your diaper. Secure each side with a pin. We actually found a diaper pin in our search - but only one.
 Now your kid is swaddled and ready to get themselves to a place where you can put them into a "better" diaper.

After taking this picture I put her pants back on and high-tailed it home. Remember mom's when it comes to diapering: never give up. Never surrender.

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