Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pintesting - Chemical Free - Detox Bath

I have been suffering from the worst pain off to the side of my back (I'm sorry I can't really think of a better way of explaining where it is right now) for the longest time now. I wasn't sure if it were the pregnancy, all the bending over while cleaning, our need for a new mattress - or all of the above.

Today's pintest comes via this pin and the info found here.

I used half of all of the called for ingredients because I was going to be using a quart sized Mason jar.

Detox Bath- Take II
(Bulk recipe)
2 C epsom salt

2 C sea salt

2 C aluminum free baking soda

 5 TB ground ginger

1 C vinegar

Combine all dry ingredients, store in a closed container.  During bath time, add 1 cup of dry ingredients mix and 1 cup vinegar to hot running water.  Soak 20-40 minutes.  Enjoy!

Epsom Salt draws out toxins from your body while relieving aches and pains.
Sea Salt soothes and heals blemishes and open wounds.
Baking Soda balances and over acidic system, leaving you refreshed, energized while softening the skin.
Ground Ginger increases circulations, aiding in the eliminations of toxins.
Vinegar soothes and soften dry, itchy skin while balancing the bodies and neutralizing the bodies pH.

My husband and I had a pretty full weekend of working on our house. Cleaning, moving things, throwing things out - it was a lot like when you've just moved into a new place. I had my usual aches and pains but knew he'd most likely really be feeling something in t he next couple of days. This seemed like the perfect time to suggest he take a nice, long, hot, relaxing bath.

I read someplace that you should sit in this bath for around 40 minutes. The first 20 minutes are supposed to relieve you of toxins and the last are to help you absorb the minerals. I told him not to worry about that but to sit there are long as he wanted and just enjoy and relax.

When I asked him how the bath was here was his response: "I mean it was good but it's been so many years since I've taken a bath I can't tell you if it were any different from a regular bath."

Guess I'll have to try this myself.

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