Monday, January 7, 2013

Pintesting - Citrus and Vinegar Cleanser

It's been approximately ten days from when I set up my lemon & vinegar cleaner. An idea I got from this pin and information I got here.

I strained out the lemon peels.

Put the peels in a bag for composting.

And then put the resulting liquid in a spray bottles to use in my cleaning around the house.

About 2 days after I put together my lemon mix I also did the same with some oranges. My family wasn't eating them unless I peeled them for them so I peeled the last 4 or 5 oranges and put the edible portion in a container.

And the peelings in a mason jar.

Which I again filled with vinegar.

Once again I waited the ten days.

Strained out the orange peels. Put the peels into my compost bag.
Put the resulting liquid into a spray bottles.

Then I got to cleaning with my new cleansers.

My stove top before.

And after. Still needs a little extra elbow grease but you see how well this went.

The vinegar smell doesn't last very long and you are left with a very lovely, very light citrus smell.

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