Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pintesting In The Kitchen - Creamy Mac And Cheese

It was one of those days where I barely eat and I'd planned to make a specific dish for my little lamb anyway but didn't really end up having time I wanted to do it.

Today's pintest comes via this pin and the info found here.

I was already in the kitchen making pork chops and rice for dinner

and figured if I was already in there I may as well make what I'd hoped to make earlier.

Because most of my time was spent making sure I constantly stir the noodles with milk there really aren't a lot of pictures for today's post.

I went ahead and used a box of Kraft mac and cheese for this one.

Added the milk, salt, and butter. Took a picture.

Then remembered to add the nutmeg.

The constant stirring wasn't too bad so don't let it deter you from making this dish.

The resulting mac and cheese was indeed super creamy

but there was a flavor I didn't care too much for. Too much nutmeg? The pin is still definitely still really worth making. I'll just do it a little differently next time.

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