Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Worms - Week 1

This is what the inside of the vermihut looked like after 1 week in the laundry room. The only things added since you last saw it was a little left over green beans and some vegetable soup my daughter didn't finish.

It didn't smell one bit.

Here's how much leachate I drained out of the spigot.
What is leachate? Leachate is something that is misrepresented as worm tea. Leachate, is what seeps out of your composter and collects in your reservoir. Worm tea is the result of steeping aerated worm castings.

Because my composter cannot be considered a mature worm bin, my leachate should be treated with more caution if I wanted to use it as liquid fertilizer than if this were something more than the beginning of my journey.

Impatient and having a lot of saved compost - I wanted more worms. So I bought another 1/2 pound.

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