Monday, February 11, 2013

Breakfast Using My Home-made Butter

I now had a quart of buttermilk and no plans for it.
I also had a lot more whole milk than planned as well.
 Pancakes seemed like a great way to use them. Usually my husband is the pancake maker in the house (there's a whole story behind that but I'll leave that for another day) but he uses mix from a box.

I searched the internet for a recipe that I thought sounded delicious and decadent that would make good use of the buttermilk, whole milk, and butter.

Having recently purchased some particularly wonderful bacon it seemed this breakfast may have been meant to be.
The only thing I could think to improve upon making special pancakes for the hubs was to add blueberries. Unfortunately these weren't fresh frozen so the result was mostly tasteless blueberries.

The pancakes were topped with some of the syrup of Vermont local my mother knows, regularly brings back from her trips home for her friends.
The recipe calls for you to keep your wet ingredients separate from your dry until you're ready to cook.
Be careful not to over mix your batter. Mix until your streaks of flour disappear.You better bet your butt I used organic flour ;p
 If it's a little lumpy that's okay. Mixing until you get a super smooth batter causes a chemical reaction between the acid in the buttermilk and the base of the baking soda. Over mixing or stirring causes will activate the gluten in your flour, leaving you with a tougher, more rubbery pancake - and nobody wants that (except maybe the dog.)

I ended up chickening out at the last moment and making my husband cook them on the stove while I watched. I would have felt terrible if I completely ruined breakfast. This recipe makes a very serious stack of pancakes.
At long last we had breakfast. It was delicious, but that organic bacon was actually so good that it out-shined the pancakes!

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