Friday, February 1, 2013

Worm Delivery

I don't really recommend order worms during a month like January, particularly if you live in any northern state. I knew what day my worms should be coming and kept a close eye on the door for the mail so that I could bring them inside as soon as possible.

The mail was really late that day, which meant the worms had spent all day in a cold, metal, postal van. Thankfully the post man knocked on the door when he dropped them off so I was able to snatch them up before he'd even driven away.

The box was cold. Really, really cold and I was concerned that my worms were dead.
Gotta love how the box says to keep it at room temperature.
As you can see they were packed surrounded by a bit of newspaper.
They were inside the same type of plastic container you can frequently expect to buy bait in. They had ample bedding and plenty of holes in the lid.
 The seller even included an info sheet about taking care of your worms.

When I opened it up the worms on the top weren't moving. Harkening upon my backwoods nature to poke dead stuff with a stick - I poked the worms. They moved. I didn't dig through the entire thing checking each and every worm but since I could see the ones on the sides moving I decided enough of them probably survived the journey.
I put them on top of their new oragnic waste-filled home and closed them up.
When I checked later there were no worm bodies on top of the compost. Kalloo kallay!

Since I was previously having issued with producing what I seriously felt must have been an excess of leachate I've been adding more dry bedding than moist and it's made a noticeable difference.

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