Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Crunchy Betty Raw Honey Challenge

This pregnancy has done terrible things to my skin, but to be fair - I've had quite a lot of skin issues for years now. And by for years I mean probably since the age of 9 and definitely since the age of 13.

My skin problems never reached the upper echelons of terrible skin but it's been bad enough to seek the help (that didn't ultimately pan out) of a dermatologist a few times.

Enter Crunchy Betty, a green blogger loved by many. She has lovely clear skin and has a book available for purchase via Kindle about how you can fight your acne issues naturally. Her book focuses specifically on the problems of those of us with oily skin. Desperate to begin  my fight immediately I skipped right to the facial cleansers. All of them sounded like things I wanted to try but for reasons unknown to me (probably because it seemed simplest) I decided to try her cleanser using raw honey.

Rinse your face.
Gently scrub your face with raw honey.
Wait 5 - 10 minutes.
Rinse off the honey.

Having just bought some organic, fair trade, raw honey to use in the oatmeal mask recipe that is available for free I immediately tried the facial wash. I immediately liked it. My skin felt soft as did the hand I used to scrub my face and I could have almost sworn that my skin seemed at least a tiny bit brighter. Two things were then on my mind 1) I must know more! & 2) Let's try this for two weeks and see how it goes. When I returned to the book the next thing I read was Crunchy Betty challenging readers to try this raw honey method for two weeks. CAN DO!

Within a few days I noticed that the very small pimples I had were coming to a head and ready to make their exit in one way or another. My husband is an avid pimple popper and depending on how badly I have one it can be a battle to keep him from attacking my face with his usually unwashed hands. These little pimples did not go unnoticed by him.

By the end of my two weeks I saw what I felt was an absolutely noticeable change. When I washed my face before I had gotten to the point where I would feel a mass of pimples under my hand as I rubbed my Burt's Bees chamomile wash into my face. The Burt's Bees left my skin feeling clean but I felt I was getting nowhere in my fight against my regular acne now only made worse by the hormonal rush that comes from being pregnant.

I enjoyed this challenge so much that shortly after a week I recommended it to a friend of mine that I know has also had a long, unsuccessful struggle with acne. If you too have issues with your skin - try this, it works well with more than just oily skin types.

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