Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pintesting - Heart Hot Pads

One of my oven mitts has a really nasty hole in a terribly inconvenient place for anyone who has no desire to get burned. I plan to fix it - but haven't decided what method I want to use to do so. Meanwhile .....

Today's pintest comes via this pin and the info found here.

The directions say you will need to make your own template or that you can print out the one provided. I'd printed it out but then lost it so I made my own.

I started by taking a manilla folder that wasn't being used and traced the outline of my hand. Try to center your hand over the fold.
Once you outline your hand fold the folder in half
and free hand a heart design that you find pleasing and that should encompass your hand.
 Following your own guideline, cut out the heart.
Et viola - you have your template.

Place your template on the fabric you intend to use to make your hot pads and pin it in place. I layed my fabric in a way that would leave me cutting 4 pieces out at once - you can do one at a time or fold like I did.
Cut around your template.
 You should now (or very soon depending on if you're cutting one at a time) have four hearts.
Get out your insul-bright.
Lay it out so that you are either cutting one or two pieces at a time. Pin your heart template to the insul-bright.
Carefully, once again cut around your heart template. You should now have two pieces of insulated fabric.
Cut one of your two pieces of insulbrite in half. Take one of your pieces of heart fabric. Place the insul-bright inside, fold your heart over and pin in place. Do this to one more of your cut pieces of heart fabric.
Take one of your pieces of heart fabric and set it with the right side facing down. Place a piece of insul-bright in the center. Place your remaining piece of heart shaped fabric on top and pin all three pieces together.
You should now have three pieces pinned together and nearly ready to sew. This was the point where I decided to trim all of my edges. Then remove your pins and get out whatever you choose to use to get that Valentine's day feel. The original pin says ricrac but I used some lace.
Lay it out on your heart shape and pin it in place. You're going to want all the lacy bits that you want to poke out around the edges to be facing inward.
Then pin the other two pieces in place. Make sure that all pins you are using can either be sewn over or are far enough in to hold things in place and not interfer with your sewing.
Sew all around the edges.

Flip the heart so that it is now right side out.
Then top-stitch all around the edges.
DONE! A pin well worth trying!

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