Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cloth Diaper Review - Courageous Baby

I'd like to start this review by stating that I bought this diaper, it was not provided to me for free, it and I was not asked by the seller or anyone else to review it. Although I'd be more than happy to review cloth diapers for free - it is not an opportunity that has been offered to me.

This is another diaper I was able to buy thanks to purchases made by supportive friends.

I'm the type that if Etsy says there are only 36 pages when I enter a search that I will likely look at all 36 pages. That's how I found Courageous Baby by Courageous Inc.

I chose to purchase the "CUPCAKE RECIPIE one size pocket diaper" for the price of  $20.
The listing read as follows:

This is a cute cupcake recipie one size pocket cloth diaper! A MUST HAVE for bakers for cupcake lovers! Outside is cotton with a full layer on hidden PUL under, no cover needed for this diaper! On the leg openings there is only PUL so there will not be leaking. On the inside I used suede cloth to help wick moisture away from babys bottom. The inside of the soaker is zorb, flannel, and terry so it is very absorbant. I used matching kam snaps for a secure fit. I only use polyester thread to help prevent wicking.

**when you check out let me know if you want a thicker soaker or a regular soaker, if you do not say what kind of soaker- you will automatically get a regular soaker**

newborn 5-10 pounds
small 9-18 pounds
medium 14-27 pounds
large 27-40 pounds
ONE SIZE 10-40 pounds

If you are out of the country please message me so I can give you a quote on shipping and set up a private listing for you.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me! This was made in my smoke free home.

This item will ship out within 2 business days. Postage includes a tracking number.

I ordered on January 18th, 2013 and it arrived on January 26th, 2013.

I was immediately impressed with the quality and design of the diaper once I opened it. I was nuts about the pocket opening. Once again it wasn't too tight and was just what I wanted.
How about that insert?
The amount of snaps to adjust the rise and fit as well as those side snaps were just wonderful. There wasn't going to be an extra little bit of fabric hanging loose as a result of not having quite enough snaps on your tabs.
Getting a picture of my little lamb in this diaper was nowhere near as difficult as I was worried it might be.
After about a week of ownership of these beautiful diapers the little lamb pooped for a second time in them. This time is was much wetter and even (ugh) a little snotty. She was playing in the floor when I heard her pooping. When I got her up to take her to her room and change her diaper this is what was left in the floor.
The mess didn't appear to leak out of the legs but as you can probably see there were some small solids left on my floor - gross.

Not ready to give up I kept using them, so I tried doubling the inserts - she still leaked. Not to this degree but the back of the diaper was still wet.

During a day when the little lamb was being particularly diligent about trying to use the potty, she came to me saying that she needed to go. When I removed the diaper it had three large puddles of pee.
As I sat it aside while I put my little one on the toilet I saw no evidence that the pee was absorbing at all. I ended up having to dump the pee into the bathtub.
 This time however there was no leakage from the sides before all of this.

Photographing a puddle of pee with your cell phone is a difficult task. I ran the pictures I took by a couple of friends to vote on which they thought may portray the situation most accurately.

A week later as I she laid in my lap and I read her a story she peed. And it ran out of the back of the diaper and all over myself, my bed, and my sheets.

If I were to rate these diapers on a scale of 1 diaper (meaning it's a diaper I wouldn't recommend) to 10 diapers (meaning out of this world awesome).

Overall diaper: 5 diapers
Diaper design: 5.5 diapers
Leakproof: 4 diapers
Absorption: 1 diaper
Pocket design: 9.5 diapers
Learning curve some may need in order to use these: 9.5 diapers

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