Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Snack - Cinnamon Popcorn, Peanuts, and Cheese

I actually had this the evening before.

When I was looking for snacks that were okay for a diabetic, the Livestrong website had this to offer:

Eating low-calorie carbohydrates like popcorn can help reduce the risk of obesity and other potential complications of diabetes. Popcorn is a whole-grain food, and the fiber content helps modulate blood glucose. For diabetics following a glycemic index diet, popcorn is a low-glycemic food, which indicates that it doesn't cause rapid spikes in blood glucose.

The article also mentions the addition of healthy fats or protein with this sort of snack.

I popped the popcorn in a pot on my stove using grape seed oil because of its low smoke point. When it finished popping I left it in the pot and added some of my home-made butter. Use the residual heat from the pot to melt the butter onto your popcorn and spread it around.

Then I added cinnamon and a dusting of sea salt. The popcorn was now finished.
To add a little protein and fat I plated some fresh mozzarella and some peanuts (making sure to have enough peanuts to share with my husband whom I was certain would be stealing some.)

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