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Cloth Diaper Review - CutesyTushies

I'd like to start this review by stating that I bought this diaper, it was not provided to me for free, and I was not asked by the seller or anyone else to review it. Although I'd be more than happy to review cloth diapers for free - it is not an opportunity that has been offered to me.

Months and months (and months and months) of only having four cloth diapers to use on our little girl leaves me with laundry that needs to be done at an alarming frequency. I found myself with a little extra money to go towards something other than purchasing supplies to make much-needed reusable and/or cost cutting items for our home. Purchasing another cloth diaper was a bit of a no-brainer idea of what I could do with the money.

How I found Cutesy Tushies I really can't remember - it seems reasonable to assume I saw something on Pintrest. Once I'd made up my mind that this was who I was going to be purchasing from, the hard part was deciding which adorable diaper to purchase.

This shop is absolutely full of precious fluff for your little lamb.
 These are the Etsy photos of the one I decided to buy.
Here is the description from the listing:

Mischief Managed Gryffindor Crest is inspired by the Harry Potter Movies. What little one doesn't love a litted Managed Mischief?:)
The writing and design on this diaper is embroidered onto a Burgandy PUL (waterproof) and sealed into a pocket to prevent leaks. 
**PLEASE NOTE** Please indicated whether you would like snaps or aplix and also if you would like fleece or suede cloth as your inner liner of your diaper. Each diaper comes with 1 microfiber insert. Please note that this may not be enough absorbancy for your little one, please adjust with additional inserts to get the best protection and absorbancy for your little one:)
**** When requested this diaper can also be made into a cover.********* Just state in the notes to seller! Thank you!
****Can also be made into a diaper cover upon request. 
**OS fits 8-40 pounds***
****Not associated with Harry Potter films and not a licensed Harry Potter product.

I purchased the diaper on December 27th, 2012, it was marked as shipped according to PayPal on January 11th, 2013, and it arrived at my house somewhere around the 21st of January.

Here is a portion of the shop policies, which covers turn around time.

 ****Welcome!!! All diapers are custom made to order unless otherwise stated to allow you to choose your inner fabric and also you closure options!******
******Currently Turnaround Time is approx 9-11 Business Days (Monday-Friday). Also we are closed on legal holidays . Orders from here and are combined, this does not including shipping time. Thank You:) ******

The price of this custom diaper (I think) is reasonable for what you're getting at $20. But I know a lot of women who feel $20 is too much to pay for a cloth diaper. From what I've seen it would be unreasonable to expect a price lower than this for a diaper with this sort of detail.

When the diaper came, the inside contents of the package, smelled like berries. Once I removed the diaper from the plastic and showed my little girl she ran away with it to go show her daddy.

Here is the diaper all laid out.
Having only used FuzziBunz, these diapers took a little adjustment for me. The snaps on these diapers can overlap each other when you close your little persons booty inside. This was new. Also, there isn't the same amount of snaps on the flaps as a FuzziBunz (because it's not a FuzziBunz diaper.)
The insert for the diaper is a microfiber cloth - it appears to be exactly the sort of cloth I bought from WalMart in the automotive section and used in the prefold diapers I made.
The pocket opening for the diaper has a bit of a large gap. So far it hasn't proved to be a problem for me in using the diaper.
When my daughter wore these overnight, her pee leaked out and her pants and diaper needed to be changed.

Another day she had a large poop. The poop semi-solid poop leaked out of the leg and onto the pants. As I stood in my bathroom washing off the diaper I saw that the poop was also on the outside of the legs of the diapers as well. The entire resulting mess was bad enough that I had to shower the kid and myself.

This seller has a feedback policy of only leaving feedback once feedback is left. Having a brand new store of my own in need of feedback I politely requested that she leave feedback. After leaving my own feedback first over a week later there was still none left for me as well.

Her responses are timely and polite. If you have any questions before buying I don't think you should encounter much if any issue with getting a response back.

Getting pictures of my little lamb in her new diaper to leave in my feedback was difficult. Being nearly 2 (21 months at the time) means being perpetually on the move.
The Harry Potter Design is embroidered directly onto the PUL.

If I were to rate these diapers on a scale of 1 diaper (meaning it's a diaper I wouldn't recommend) to 10 diapers (meaning out of this world awesome).

Overall diaper: 4.5 diapers
Embroidered design: 6.5 diapers
Leakproof: 3 diapers
Absorbent Lining: 5.5 diapers
Pocket design: 2.5 diapers
Learning curve some may need in order to use these: 4.5 diapers
Interaction with the seller: 5 diapers

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