Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Snack - Avocado Chicken Salad Cucumber Sandwiches

I really want to make sure I help get as many of my trials in creating dishes and snacks that are gestationally diabetic friendly so I've decided to at least occasionally post a Saturday and Sunday snack for you.

It's both hard to remember and hard to think I haven't mentioned my intense love of avocado but if it hasn't managed to come up yet - I absolutely adore avocados.

Today's snack is relatively quick and easy.

You will need:
Cooked or canned chicken - it's really your preference. Either way your chicken will need to be shredded.
Avocado - the amount you use is again up to you. I had half of an avocado cut and didn't use it all.
Lemon or lime juice
Optional - Tomato
Optional - Fresh mozarella

Place a small amount of shredded chicken in a bowl. Add a little avocado and mix. Only you know how "wet" you want your chicken salad to be. I only used a few fork fulls of avocado - so maybe about 1/4 an an avocado.

Add a healthy squeeze of lemon or lime juice.

Salt & pepper to taste.

Set that aside and slice yourself a bit of tomato and/or fresh mozzarella. I only had mozzarella.

Wash and slice off a few pieces of cucumber.

Plate your noms and you're good to go!
You can either eat these as an open-faced sandwich.
Or a regular sandwich.
Ultimately I preferred to have it as an open face.

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