Friday, March 29, 2013

Leaf Bunting for Woodland Nursery

All of the items we have for the nursery don't fit as well as I'd like. Arranging them was a chore. The best I could managed left the changing table slightly in the way when you walk through the door.
The dresser is on a wall by itself,
and across from that is the crib.
I was left with quite a bit of open looking space on the wall.

Really wanting to make this woodland theme work I found myself once again very inspired by a pin I saw on pintrest.
This looked like something I could quickly and easily do. Spoiler alert: that turned out to be totally true!

The next morning I dug through my super messy craft room for fabrics to use for leaves. I cut a lot of leaf shaped fabrics.

Sew the right sides together then flip it inside out and top stitch the edges and you have your leaves.

I thought all my green looked alright but that I most likely needed to add some additional colors.
Once I had everything cut and sewn I was ready to move on.

To assemble I just laid out all of my pieces of a cutting mat and then tossed them around until it looked like I would be picking them up in an acceptable order. I would take a leaf and place it into a long strip of fabric I'd turned into bias tape and then pin it in place.

Once everything was pinned into place I zig-zag stitched my way down the bias tape until I was finished.

Now all I really needed to do was have the hubs hang it up for me.
He said he likes it but that it looks a little like Christmas lights.

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