Friday, March 8, 2013

Pintesting - PreFold Cloth Diapers Pt. 3

You might think that I should be done making newborn sized pre-fold diapers but you'd be wrong.

Today's pintest comes via this pin and the information found here.

What I really love about this style of pre-fold diaper is how husband friendly they look. Feeling mine would respond even more positively to this style I thought it best to make some.

I hit up my husband for shirts.
I had him print out my template (we don't have a printer here at the house).
I had him help me understand how to set it up so I could cut the template correctly (I'd love to blame the migraine I was having that night but there's a better chance it was just pregnant brain.) This is him attempting to understand the template while using a cell phone. After taking this picture I recommended he just wait until he was off the phone to make sense of it all.
As simple as the original posters directions sound, figuring out the correct way to "work" this print out for the template took us some time. We thought A & B were supposed to sit side my side. They go one on top of the other, using the dots as a guide.
Cut along the dotted lines of your chosen diaper size, the solid lines that are perpendicular to your bottom 1x1 box, the solid line above the side triangle that you need to cut out, and then the triangle. I chose to tape my two sheets of paper together.

You now have half of your template in paper. To create a usable one I used an old cereal box. By pulling it apart at its "seams" I was left with an open bit of carboard.
Place your half of a template in paper onto the cardboard and begin to trace its outline using a ruler. Then line it up with your guidelines, flip it over, and trace it again.
Cut out the template.
Now you're ready to go to town on those shirts.

Pull out a shirt, lay it down on your cutting mat inside out, and smooth it out.
Lay out your template on your shirt.

If you have a design you're hoping to show off,
 place your template on the shirt in the way that grabs as much of the image you're hoping to display.
For this Rose Bowl shirt I chose not to flip the shirt inside out and instead carefully line up the design to capture as much as possible. Once it was cut I just flipped the image piece face down on top of the corresponding cut piece.

Cut out your piece of shirt following your template as a guide.

Having no interest in wasting anything (and I would have found some other use for these anyway), I collected my pile of microfiber towels that have had their ends serged off and sewed them together to use as inserts for most of these diapers.
 Center your strips of fabric that you will be using for absorption onto the shirt
 pinning that in place as well as the edges of the shirt.
Sew around the inside edges of the shirt making sure to leave a hole at the bottom on either side of your absorbancy strip.

Flip the shirt "inside out", fold over the edges of your open piece of shirt and topstitch it down.
Et viola - you have a t shirt diaper.
You could also do what I started doing after making a couple of these and at the stage where you flip the shirt "inside out", top-stitch around the entirety of your diaper to give your edges a little added stiffness.

I also chose to make a couple using flannel instead of t shirts.
Overall I'm pretty pleased with my final results.

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