Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cloth Diaper Review - Sassy Cloth

I'd like to start this review by stating that I bought this diaper, it was not provided to me for free, it and I was not asked by the seller or anyone else to review it. Although I'd be more than happy to review cloth diapers for free - it is not an opportunity that has been offered to me.

This was the last of the diapers I was going to be able to buy as a result of my friends purchases. I did what I could to make the money I got go just about as far as I could.

Sassy Cloth was actually one of the first people I came across on Etsy when I was looking for what diapers I would be buying with the recent addition to my PayPal coffers. She was also one of the first people I saw offering a bargain basement priced deal on a cloth diaper that I'd seen.

Amazed at how low the prices were ($12 - $12.50 per diaper) I emailed her:

I just made a couple of sales to friends and am shopping Etsy for some cloth diapers.
How on earth are you able to sell yours for so little!? Am I missing something? These are diapers not covers correct? How many inserts do they come with?
Do you have any mario brothers or geeky fabric?
Could any sort of deal be made for a bulk purchase?


Used to getting quick responses from Etsy sellers and worried my mail may have been tacky and rude I sent another.

Did my email insult you? It wasn't intended to

I waited for a response and meanwhile went ahead and bought the other diapers I was looking at. Eventually I caved and without a response from the seller I bought a couple of her diapers.
SassyCloth one size pocket diaper with printed cotton, hidden PUL and soft suede inner. Can be adjusted from small to x-large size using set of snaps.
One 15"x5" microfiber insert included with each diaper. 
 SassyCloth one size pocket diaper with printed PUL and soft microfleece or suede inner. Can be adjusted from small to x-large size using set of snaps.
One 15"x5" microfiber insert included with each diaper.

Snaps can be either white or matching color depending on availability.

After my purchase I finally got a response to my initial mail:

My diapers are not covers, it's one size pockets, there is a pocket opening on the back of diaper for the insert. One insert is included with each diaper, or you can opt out from insert (if you have other inserts you like to use) with 8% discount.
Currently I don't have any Mario prints, but could order some if you would like the diaper with it. Just have to warn you that Mario fabric is pretty rare and therefore more expensive, so the price of diaper will be higher accordingly (depending on price of fabric).
About geeky fabric, could you explain what exactly you mean about it?
I offer free shipping for orders of 10 or more diapers.

Thank you.

Diapers were ordered on January 18th, 2013 package arrived on the 28th. The packaging had minimal plastic.

Having already bought and received my Courageous Baby fluff I was less "worried" about how thin the diapers seemed.
Actually these are a bit thicker than the Courageous Baby diapers.

The inserts are no joke. I put them in the dyer with my dyer balls and some other inserts on delicate and had to run them through again. These are thick. I was loving this insert. But it seems every time I wash them they need extra drying time.
These were another diaper where I was really happy with the pocket opening. Nice and tight but nothing unreasonable. Once again, the opening is tight enough that you will not be able to shake your insert out into your wet bag.

Not having a lower snap on the flap left me with a little more of a learning curve than expected.

With some help from the hubs I was able to get a picture of the little lamb in one of her diapers.
Absolutely crazy about how adorable these diapers on I made sure to put her in the other one the following day. We sat watching Sesame Street and I snapped a picture of her cute little John Deere booty to send to a friend who happens to own the same diaper (only she got hers in a diaper swap).
 Moments later she rolled over and I saw this!
Leak proof fail :(

If I were to rate these diapers on a scale of 1 diaper (meaning it's a diaper I wouldn't recommend) to 10 diapers (meaning out of this world awesome).

Overall diaper: 5.5 diapers
Design options: 9.5 diapers
Leakproof: 4 diapers
Absorbent Lining: 4 diapers
Pocket design: 7.5 diapers
Learning curve some may need in order to use these: 8.5 diapers

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